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Accounting & Bookkeeping services

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping forms part of the accounting process. It involves the recording of financial transactions of an organization.

What is the role of a good bookkeeper?

  1. Understand your business process
  2. Ask sensible questions
  3. Technology savvy

Understand your business process

A good bookkeeper will take the initiative to understand the business. He or she will be able to recommend processes that save your time and money so that you could spend more time on your business. He or she will also be able to streamline areas so that none of the processes are missed out and bottlenecks your business.

Ask sensible questions

Either some business owners are frustrated with questions or some bookkeepers do not ask questions, in order to avoid your bookkeeper guessing and recording incorrectly, it is best that the bookkeeper ask questions.

It is extremely important that the bookkeeper is able to work closely with the business owner, the business owner in turn trust the bookkeeper so the business owner is willing to reveal business information to his/her bookkeeper.

Technology savvy

A great bookkeeper would have to keep himself or herself updated with the changes in technology. Unfortunately, due to rising costs, our bookkeeping and accounting industries have to progress considerably or may be made redundant or become uncompetitive in the future.

In order to remain competitive in your business, efficiency may be a crucial factor to the success of the business. A good bookkeeper should be recommending and encouraging you to use technology to expedite the bookkeeping and accounting work by automating processes with cloud accounting packages such as Quickbooks Essentials or MYOB Essentials. As a result, the business could save more time and money and pass on the cost savings to their customers who in return able to grow their business and purchase more from your business.

Besides saving time and money, both your Accountant and Tax agent would also be able to obtain updated financial information of your business. With prompt updated information, the Accountant or the tax agent could then plan and provide better recommendations which result in further savings to the Company/business.

Last but not least, besides the above requirements to being a good bookkeeper, the client must also be comfortable to release confidential information to the bookkeeper. With good support from the bookkeeper, it is not difficult to build good relationship and trust which is crucial to the success of the business.

Making sure you take the time to hire the right Accounting firm for the role is crucial. Try out our bookkeeping service and you would not be disappointed.

Accounting Services

Accounting refers to the process of bookkeeping, summarising, analysing and reporting the financial results of the business.

The process of reporting may determine the success and growth of the business. E.g. A Company may have under quote its customers without realising it.

At STAC, we uses various financial ratios and benchmark to evaluate the performance of the company. We also provide credit control services, cash flow management, Treasury services – to negotiate and advise for fixed deposit placement or loan facilities.

Should My Company Outsource Accounting Services?

Think and consider if you are in this state since the formation of the business:

Did I focus in my business?

Do I have the time to continue handling the accounting work?

Do I have the level of expertise/ knowledge?

Could I leave all the accounting work to my administrator?

Am I more interested on the accounting work than to grow the business?

If you have an issue to any of the above, do not wait and see. Seek professional help as soon as possible, you deserve more time for your business. Many of the businesses lose valuable and potential customers due to inefficiency.


ST Accounting & Consultancy – Start-up Bookkeeping Services include: 

– Maintain the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable 

– Maintain the General Ledger

– Prepare monthly/ quarterly/ yearly management reports 

– Record all journal entries 

– Perform monthly bank reconciliation

Prices start as low as $88/month. Contact us for a free Consultation.

Know more about our Bookkeeping services

ST Accounting & Consultancy Start-up Accounting Services include: 

– Prepare unaudited financial statements

– Perform financial analysis 

– Compute, review and submit GST returns (monthly/ quarterly) 

– Translate financial reports into XBRL and file with the registrar (excludes Company Secretary  declaration). 

Refer to our Company Secretarial Services 

Prices start as low as $1,880. Contact us for a free Consultation.

Other ad-hoc Accounting Services:

  • Cloud Accounting Software and Services 
  • XBRL Financial Statements report
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Compliation of Financial statements/ Unaudited annual report 
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Budget and Forecast Analysis

Whether you are seeking freelance accountant for condominium accounting in Singapore or would like to outsource your condominium accounting services to us in Singapore, please feel free to contact ST Accounting & Consultancy (special referral fee for condominium accounts).

Our MCST bookkeeping & Accounting Package, services include:

– Maintain the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable 

– Maintain the General Ledger 

– Recurring Billing/ Invoice Statement 

– Late payment interest payment calculation

– Perform monthly bank reconciliation

– Prepare monthly/ quarterly/ yearly financial reports 

– Budgeting (actual vs budget comparison report) 

Prices start as low as $200/month. Contact us for a free Consultation.

Helping Tips 

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