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How do you grow your Business? Are you outsourcing your Accounting work to a certified Accountant or are you doing it on your own?

Everything be it taxation, GST or Audit work starts with good Bookkeeping and Accounting. Hence, without keeping these detailed bookkeeping and accounting records, companies may not be able to make a wise decision when growing the business. This is why many of the smart startups, small business or SME companies are outsourcing their accounts to professionals like us.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping, accounting and tax functions to us?

We provide a one-stop in-house solution to support all startups, small business and SME business owners so that business owners could focus on growing their business. When you engage an accounting firm, you are paying for a team of professional Accountant to manage your business so that Startups, small business or SME businesses could not only enjoy the benefits of growing business with an expert but also save your time and money on recruitment, training and many more.


We Provide the following services:

QBO Intuit Quickbooks online

  • Company Incorporation From S$650 (includes Business registration and Corppass registration)
  • Company Secretarial From S$380/annum (provides statutory updates with ACRA, annual general meetings, financial report circulation, filing annual returns to ACRA, etc)
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services From S$88 (provides accounting and Bookkeeping management, financial statements for startups, small business and SMEs)
  • Income tax filing From S$888 (provides tax preparation of tax C/S form, review of financial statements, etc)
  • GST submission From S$280/quarter (provides monthly/ quarterly GST submission to IRAS)

Interested to signup Quickbooks Online Accounting Software?

We are the proadviser of QuickBooks Online. Contact Us for a free consultation or visit QuickBook Online package to know more about our services.

Service Commitment and guarantee

As a commitment to provide assurance to our service quality, we provide 14 days money back guarantee (after deducting fees payable to ACRA) to our customers.

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